"We ensure our success – and thereby yours!"

"I'm proud to say that we make great efforts to always safeguard operation excellence. That includes using lean tools and problem-solving six sigma methodology, so customers can rely on always getting highly efficient solutions from us very quickly."

Maricon Montero | Process Engineering Manager | Philippines
"There's a shared and very strong belief in team communication."

"Our operator-driven, daily 'cluster' meetings help address any productivity issues. That way, everyone is always up to date and can bring their individual strengths to the troubleshooting process."

Brenda Feng | Human Resources Manager | Taiwan
"We stay ahead by thinking ahead."

"A cornerstone of our success is our continued investment in R&D and equipment. That's what makes us a reliable, but visionary partner to our customers. By continuously improving our processes, we're in a good position to meet increasing value expectations."

Karin Laeufer | V.P. Global Sales | Germany
"Everyone at Advantek knows the goals and challenges."

"I think it adds to our effectiveness that we communicate our strategy in a comprehensive way throughout the organization. Especially in a company that stretches all over the globe, this creates a feeling of unity and common purpose."

Erna Qiu | Global Planning Director | China
"Taking pride in our work while having fun – that's the spirit!"

"Of course we're proud to provide high-value, precision component delivery solutions. But it's also just a lot of fun to be able to work with the technologies we love and to keep making them better."

Melvin Demiar | V.P. Engineering | USA

Great companies are driven to succeed.
By great people.

From management through production to R&D departments – we're a team that builds success on cooperation.
  • Corporate Management
    Wim Goossens
    President, CEO
    Sonya Downs
    SVP Finance, CFO
    Jack Artman
    SVP Corporate Development & M&A
    Vincent Huang
    SVP Operations
    Karin Läufer
    SVP Global Sales
    Rose-Ann Lera
    SVP HR & Compliance
    Jason Skrtic
    SVP Product & Brand
    Melvin Demiar
    VP Engineering
    Arnold Onte
    VP IT
  • Global Sales & Marketing Organization
    Karin Läufer
    SVP Global Sales
    Jason Skrtic
    SVP Product & Brand
    Greg Bluem
    Technical Marketing Director
    Andres Bucaro
    Sales Director Americas
    Carlo Cirineo
    Application Engineering Director
    Allan Guo
    Key Account Director
    Axel Held
    Sales Director EMEA
    Akihisa Komatsuzaki
    Sales Manager Japan
    Linger Liu
    Product Management
    Tobias Schlegel
    Key Account Director
    Binit Singh
    Sales Director SEA
    Jessica Wu
    Sales Director NEA
  • Human Resources
    Rose-Ann Lera
    SVP HR & Compliance
    Mina DelaCruz
    HR Manager Philippines
    Brenda Feng
    HR Manager Taiwan
    Yoyo Ling
    HR Manager China
    Wade Schenck
    HR Manager Americas and EMEA
  • Global Sourcing
    Kevin Yang
    Global Sourcing Director