Others just carry your components.
We care for them.


順応な製品開発 体制





ISO 9001:2008、ISO 14001認証認証済み

Great companies are driven to succeed.
By great people.

From management through production to R&D departments – we're a team that builds success on cooperation.

  • Corporate Management
    Wim Goossens
    Sonya Downs
    V.P Finance & CFO
    Mary Grace D. Perez
    V.P. HR
    Vincent Huang
    V.P. Operations
    Jason Skrtic
    V.P. Global Marketing & Product Management
    Karin Laeufer
    V.P. Global Sales
    Ray Bloom
    V.P. Innovation & Engineering
    Mike Wind
    V.P ICT & CIO
  • Global Sales & Marketing Organization
    Jason Skrtic
    V.P. Global Marketing & Product Management
    Karin Laeufer
    V.P. Global Sales
    Jessica Wu
    Sales Director North-East Asia
    Binit Singh
    Sales Director SEA
    Akihisa Komatsuzaki
    Sales Manager Japan
    Edgar Reyes
    Sales Director PH
    Axel Held
    Sales Director EMEA
    Andres Bucaro
    Sales Director Americas
    Greg Bluem
    Key Account Director
    Tobias Schlegel
    Key Account Director
    Carlo Cirineo
    Director Application Engineering
    Richard Folden
    Key Account Director
    Tim Hemken
    Market Management, Product Management
    Linger Liu
    Product Management
  • Human Resources
    Mary Grace D. Perez
    V.P. HR
    Yoyo Ling
    HR Manager China
    Brenda Feng
    HR Manager Taiwan
    Rose-Ann Lera
    HR Manager Philippines
    Abbi Olson
    HR Manager Americas
  • Global Sourcing
    Kevin Yang
    Global Sourcing Director

Past and present show us the way.
To the future ahead.

Our most important questions.
The perfect answers.

What's the vision that leads us?

We want to be the world’s leading provider of precision component delivery systems!

Which values guide our work?

We are open minded and innovative.

We value and respect each other.

We are honest and accountable.

We take pride in our work while having fun.

What is our mission?

We provide high-value, precision component delivery solutions for sustainable profitable growth of our company and our customers, and for the economic benefit of our stakeholders and the communities where we do business.